Sentimental Jewellery - Heart & Flower Coins

I am extremely sentimental about the jewellery I wear, I always have been. I am not a fan of throw away jewellery, and choose pieces that I connect to in some way or to buy them to mark an occasion.

My Heart and Coin Flower pieces were inspired by the birth of my son Malachy, I wanted to create a piece of jewellery for myself that I could have engraved with his name and date of birth, I also wanted the piece of jewellery to be beautiful in its own right and should the wearer wish to have a detailed inscription, the piece still looks beautiful from afar. I purposefully made the pendant long so that it can be worn close to the heart. I also wanted to make it in such a way that I can easily add more pieces with inscriptions....should any more babies come along.

I have made many of these pendants, some with simply a letter engraved with the wearers initials, some as memorial pieces for a lost parent, special dates such as weddings days and personal phrases or words.

I wear my Malachy engraved heart most days, it pretty much goes with anything and is my all time favourite everyday piece.....which is surprising as typically heart jewellery isn't my thing.

Something I love about my piece is that it is hallmarked with the letter stamp for the year Malachy turned one. There is a plaque at the back of all of my pieces where the hallmarks are placed. I cannot get hallmarking done retrospectively other wise I would have loved it to be hallmarked for the year he was born, but a celebration of the first year of motherhood seemed like just as good as an occasion to mark with a bit of history and a piece that one day I can pass on to Malachy.

Mikaela x