Lioness Double Coin & An Easter Treat


Hello, I want to introduce a new face around here… Lauren has come on board to help me develop areas that I am neglecting such as my blog and PR. I am getting increasingly busy with making and developing new work so it was time to get a little extra help.

We thought it might be a nice idea to get back into the blog by doing a feature on ‘what jewellery means’ to Lauren and her favourite piece from my collection. As its Easter Bank Holiday weekend I have added a special discount code for Lauren’s favourite piece at the bottom so if you want a non-chocolate related Easter treat then maybe a Lioness will do.


Mikaela: Have you always bought and worn jewellery for yourself?

Lauren: I can’t remember a time that I wasn’t in love with jewellery. From my first gold heart-shaped signet ring I acquired age six, I have been lovingly referred to as a magpie by my family and friends. Throughout my teenage years I would spend my money on fashion jewellery; necklaces, bracelets and rings-galore. However, towards the end of my teens and in entering my 20s, my focus has turned away from quantity and more towards quality. I now favour more mature, meaningful investment pieces reminiscent of my mum’s jewellery collection, pieces that I ‘borrow’ and never seem to find their way back…sorry mum.

Mikaela: What was it that drew you to my collection?

Lauren: I have developed a love of vintage jewellery in particular, unique pieces which have stood the test of time. It is this love of vintage style, quality and finish which initially drew me to your work. I discovered your brand through Instagram and, having researched further, became fascinated not only by the jewellery itself but the meaning and story behind it. As you are Birmingham-based, and being a Midlands girl myself, I felt an affinity with your work – it’s refreshing to see a creative business doing so well outside of the capital. The level of detail in each piece caught my attention; from the chain-detailing to the clasps, even practical features on the bracelets and necklaces are a creative design feature. Also the prominent hallmark on the back of each pendant, a part of the mould rather than being merely engraved into the metal, remind me of the vintage pieces I have long lusted after.

Mikaela: Do you have a favourite piece from my collection?

Lauren: I love the Lioness talisman and what it stands for; strength, individuality, confidence, equality and beauty. We could all do with a little more of each of those things, and if they arrive in the form of jewellery then all the better! The pendant feels special as it is a weighty piece, yet delicate in its detailing, much like the contrast between the lioness and the flowers in its mane. It goes with everything and I love how it seems to complete any outfit - I can wear it during the day for work and keep it on when I get dressed up in the evening. You’re never fully dressed without jewellery if you ask me. And this is why, of all the pieces (and if I could own them all, I would), I chose the Lioness Double Coin Pendant as my first piece. I am excited to be a part of your team and hope to uphold your values as a small business in the slow-fashion movement…I’m sure that six-year-old Lauren would be very excited too.

As an Easter Bank Holiday weekend treat you can get 20% off both the Silver & Gold Lioness Double coins, using code: LIONESSDOUBLE Valid from now until 11.59pm Monday 22nd April.

Love Mikaela x