XL Coin....A new addition to the family

First of all let me introduce you to Sarika, you will be seeing more of her on my Blog and Instagram, as we will be working together, styling my pieces and showing you different ways to wear them. I went to London recently to catch up with her to discuss blog posts and styling... but what we really did was chat non-stop over lunch and drink wine resulting in a missed train home.  Anyway it didn't matter that we didn't discuss much in the way of work, as we share a similar creative vision and so working together seems like the perfect fit and is an absolute pleasure. Her Instagram has always inspired me and her creativity never fails to astound me. I hope you enjoy her styling as much as I do.

My latest work which Sarika has styled is my XL Lioness Medallion, a sized up version of my Large Lioness Coin. The lioness has flowers for her mane and my signature horseshoe loop.

The construction and chain are different to my usual style. I like the contrast of the large medallion on a finer but sturdy chain, the medallion sits beautifully at a slightly longer length of 21 inches.

As with all of my pieces there is a plaque on the back where the hallmark is placed and tells you everything about the piece from who made it, the year it was made, where it was made and the material, creating your own little heirloom.

My reason for making this larger coin was self indulgent, I really wanted a slightly longer and larger medallion to wear and layer with my other pieces. It works really well on an open neckline and being that bit longer it also looks great over a t-shirt. I want my collection to be formed of everyday pieces that are easy to wear and can be worn with any outfit. Sarika has created a few looks, starting with casual then more dressy / evening and layered with other pieces. I hope you enjoy.

Mikaela x