Through all aspects of my business I follow the principles of the ‘Slow Fashion Movement’ which represents all things eco, ethical and green. Slow Fashion is a reaction to the mass produced, fast fashion industry where retailers selling the latest fashion trends at low prices promote consumerism and over-buying which has an impact on the environment and workers. I want to create thoughtful and sustainable pieces of jewellery that are worn, cherished and passed on, that last a lifetime and are not replaced or thrown away with seasonal trends.

I hand make all of my pieces to order and carry very little stock to ensure there is no waste. I support local resources within my community such as photographers, metal and packaging suppliers who in turn follow ethical codes of practice which I have fully researched.

My aim is to have a simple business with minimal impact on the environment and support my local industries. I have always wanted to do a job that I love, earn enough to support my family and give a little back.

But just like my t-shirt says........ I'm 'Still Learning'

Mikaela x


If you are interested to read more about how the materials and suppliers I use follow ethical principles then please see below:


Every piece of jewellery comes packaged in a 100% cotton pouch which I buy from a UK company who use fair trade and ethical cotton from a sustainable source. The bag will also biodegrade completely. I hand silkscreen print every pouch with non-toxic water based ink.


My platers use 18ct ethical gold to plate my silver. Their gold is extracted and processed in a manner that respects the needs of current and future generations. As a condition of supplying gold to the company, their Board requests that all bullion suppliers certify that they have undertaken reasonable due diligence with their supply chains to ensure that the specified metals are being sourced only from mines and smelters outside of a conflict region or mines and smelters which have been certified by an independent third party as conflict free if sourced from within a conflict region.

The company who supply my silver castings support the aims of the  Responsible Jewellery Council. They endeavour to use recycled grain wherever possible. I also recycle all of my offcuts of silver to be melted down and re-used.