The Prettiest Star - Alice Catherine

The story behind the collection

When I launched my brand in October 2017, Alice was one of the very first people to wear my jewellery. She wore her Lioness Double coin with every outfit for months and wrote a blog post which included me as one of her favourite jewellery brands. I couldn’t believe my luck; she launched me from the unknown and made a huge impact not only on my work but also on my family life. The decision to quit my job and follow my jewellery making dreams became a reality and with that, the freedom to spend precious time with my son Malachy while he is young.

Alice and I stayed in touch and became friends, we share a similar outlook on creativity and the way we ran our businesses. Driven not by money but by doing something to be proud of, something that we feel passionate about and trying to do a little good along the way.

The idea of collaborating came about when Alice asked me to make her some bespoke clip on earrings, she knew exactly the design she wanted and it just went from there.

Working together

We began by discussing concepts and ideas before getting anything down on paper, Alice has always been inspired by David Bowie and Jane Birkin, two icons that stand out for their sense of style and people who had always done things differently to everybody else. It was a Bowie lyric including the words ‘Prettiest Star’ that sparked the initial idea of using a star, and from there it flourished. Alice has a very intuitive way of working, she absolutely knows her own sense of style and what she likes and doesn’t like. This made it very easy to work with her. Many meet ups, hours on the phone, e-mails and messages later we were finally ready to launch. It was really important to both Alice and me that the pieces were of high quality. Their ‘chunkiness’ is something that many people have admired and commented on. Every detail from style and length of the chains, the clasps, the packaging design and the photoshoot was all down to Alice’s meticulous attention to detail, eye for design and clear passion for creating something she loved.

What’s Next

A continued friendship, sharing creative ideas and we’ll see where it leads…..